Protect your family with Greentech's flea and tick prevention service.

Flea & Tick Spray Treatment for Your Yard


The experts at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation strive to provide our wonderful residential customers with high-quality lawn care services so you and your family can enjoy your yard year-round.

At Greentech Lawn and Irrigation, we know fertilization and weed control is only part of a healthy lawn care program.  That’s why we’ll also assess your lawn for a wide variety of annoying and dangerous pests like fleas and ticks that could damage your grass and harm your family.

Our trained technicians will recommend a flea and tick prevention plan to ensure the removal of unwanted guests safely and efficiently.

Why Do You Need Flea & Tick Control?


Without your knowledge, your family and beloved pets could be subject to a flea and tick infestation that starts in your lawn.  And worse, without a flea and tick control plan, you could carry the nasty pests into your house. Fleas and ticks could sneak into your house by sticking to the bottom of your pants or your dog’s fur.


A friendly and professional Greentech Lawn and Irrigation technician will test and assess your entire yard for evidence of any unwanted critters and devise a customized flea and tick control program to protect you and your family.

Quick & Safe Flea & Tick Control from Greentech Lawn and Irrigation


Worried about letting your dog or kids play in the yard? The experts at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation will cover your lawn with a liquid application of flea and tick control specially formulated for your needs.


The flea and tick control application from Greentech Lawn and Irrigation will dry rapidly.  Within the hour, you and your family can head outside and enjoy your beautiful lawn.

Add Flea & Tick Control to Your Greentech Lawn and Irrigation Lawn Care Program


If you are a customer of Greentech Lawn and Irrigation, we recommend scheduling your flea and tick control treatment along with your lawn care program application.


With just one visit, we’ll apply two treatments to your lawn and save you money in the process.


While flea and tick control is a typical add-on to a lawn care application visit, we’ll be happy to schedule an application as a stand-alone appointment as well.


Get started today and fill out our secure online form or call the friendly professionals at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation and schedule your flea and tick control assessment.

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