Greentech's organic lawn care services will give you the lush, green grass you deserve.

Organic Lawn Care Services, Aeration, & Grub Control


At Greentech Lawn and Irrigation, we know your yard is a reflection of you and your family. We take pride in creating a lawn in optimal health from the roots to the tips all year-round.


A plush, green lawn with healthy growth and zero weeds is an invitation to enjoy outdoor activities like a game of catch or a barefoot stroll. The Greentech Lawn and Irrigation lawn care program will enrich and maintain your turf to create the lush landscape you desire.

Organic Based Fertilizer


At Greentech Lawn and Irrigation, we provide an organic based fertilizer for our fertilizer treatments. With over 33+ years in the lawn care business, we have used our expertise to provide an organic lawn care fertilization program designed to properly feed your grass all the way down to the roots for continual healthy growth.


The Greentech Lawn and Irrigation lawn care program consists of six expertly applied applications to create the beautiful and brilliantly green yard you desire.

Constant Lawn Evaluation is Key


From the very first application in the spring to the sixth application in early winter, our Greentech Lawn and Irrigation technicians will perform thorough evaluations of your entire yard to ensure our services suit your needs. A gorgeous lawn makes a happy customer, and we strive to keep you smiling about your lawn.

Add-Ons to the Greentech Lawn and Irrigation Lawn Care Program


The lawn care specialists at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation are trained to spot issues in your grass that could hinder growth and beauty. Sometimes yards need extra love and remedies. We’re happy to offer our customers additional lawn services that include:


Aeration – This process improves the penetration and accessibility of water and nutrients down to the roots.  A healthy lawn starts with the roots and core aeration allows nutrients to reach them quickly.


Grub Control Grubs are not only ugly, they could kill your grass.  The experts at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation will investigate your grounds for any chance of a grub infestation and come up with a treatment plan to prevent damage to your lawn.

Let’s Keep In Touch!


With each lawn care visit, we’ll evaluate your lawn care needs and keep you up-to-date about our progress and our informed recommendations. We’ll leave you a printout on the door and send you a follow-up email.


Our advanced website technology allows you to easily schedule or add recommended services online, saving you precious time.


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