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Organic Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control


A flourishing, lush lawn is a huge source of enjoyment and pride for every homeowner in the Ohio area.  Greentech Lawn and Irrigation is a family business with over 33 years of experience caring and maintaining residential yards in multiple neighborhoods all across the Miami Valley in Ohio.

At Greentech Lawn and Irrigation we are proud to use an organic based fertilizer for our treatments.  With our expertise, we’ve created a six-part grass fertilization program designed to perfectly feed your grass way down to the roots for healthy growth and continued beauty.

The Greentech Lawn and Irrigation Six-Part Standard Lawn Care Program

Round One:

(March/Mid-April) – We add a pre-emergent treatment to get an early start on weed control and an application of our organic based fertilizer to feed hungry roots.

Round Two:

(Mid-April/May) – This visit consists of our organic based fertilizer, plus we’ll apply weed control.

Round Three:

(June/Mid-July) – We’ll spot treat for weeds and apply a slow-release organic based fertilizer. This treatment will protect your turf from the stress of the summer’s hot sun.

Round Four:

(Mid-July/August) – Your lawn will get another dose of slow-release organic based fertilizer, plus we’ll spot treat for weeds.  This visit guards your lawn against heat exhaustion.

Round Five:

(September/Mid-October) – This treatment consists of our organic based fertilizer that’s enhanced with added phosphorus to keep your lawn’s roots healthy and vibrant.  Weed control will also be applied.

Round Six:

(Late October/Early November) – A higher rate of nitrogen is added to our organic based fertilizer mix to promote the growth of strong roots in winter and to ensure rapid greening in spring.

Weed Control From Greentech Lawn and Irrigation


Nothing spoils the beauty of your luscious lawn more than the appearance of unsightly weeds.  There are hundreds of weeds that could invade your lawn at any time.  At Greentech Lawn and Irrigation, our experts have the skills and know-how to attack pesky invaders and ensure unwanted weeds don’t reappear.

We’ll create a weed control plan with premium products customized to your lawn’s individual needs for a weed-free and healthy lawn all year long.

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