Say Bye-Bye To Crawling Bugs Forever


Pesky spiders, ants, and other crawling bugs can ruin your enjoyment of the great outdoors in your backyard.  The perimeter pest control specialists at Greentech Lawn And Irrigation are highly trained to rid your yard of the creepy crawlers that come out and terrorize residents during the Ohio spring and summers.


The experts at Greentech Lawn And Irrigation will assess your perimeter pest problem and create a customized solution plan to get rid of the little creepers for good.

Why Do I Need Perimeter Pest Control?


Outdoor pest control is an essential part of keeping your lawn and yard safe for your family and pets.  The professionals at Greentech Lawn And Irrigation will inspect your entire yard to determine your perimeter pest problem and devise an ideal treatment plan.


The ultimate way to keep unwanted spiders, earwigs, and other bugs unique to Ohio out of your house are our specialized perimeter pest control treatments.  We’ll stop crawling bugs in their tracks before the infest your home.

Perimeter Pest Control From Greentech Lawn And Irrigation


Exterior Barrier:

Greentech Lawn And Irrigation will create an invisible  barrier around your house by spraying 3-4 feet out from your house and 3-4 feet up the side of your house.   


Perimeter Pest Control Follow Up:

For best results, Greentech Lawn And Irrigation recommends a perimeter pest control program that includes our free consultation and four applications a year.

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Stop crawling pests in their tracks and enjoy your gorgeous grounds in peace when you contact Greentech Lawn And Irrigation.


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