Centerville, Ohio ZIP codes:
45429, 45440, 45458, 45459

Centerville, Ohio Green Spaces

A suburb of Dayton, Centerville, OH is home to the popular Bill Yeck Park. The 94-acre park runs along almost two miles of Sugar Creek and contains space for a variety of outdoor including:


Take a nature hike with friends or venture out on your own to enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine.

Bird watching:

Bird and nature enthusiasts will appreciate stumbling upon a rare species of plant life or catching a glance of one of the many types of birds that frequent the park.

Learn and play:

Centerville, OH park officials, put together a variety of nature education programs for kids and adults throughout the year. The space also holds a natural play area.

A Place To Play At Home

It’s great to host family barbecues or come home from work and relax in your own beautiful backyard. But if your lawn is dry and lifeless, hanging out in the yard isn’t as fun.
Who enjoys watering the grass? It’s a hassle moving sprinklers around, wrestling with the hose, and watering spots just right, without getting your driveway or side of the house all wet.

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