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Columbus, Ohio Green Spaces

Columbus, OH is not just the state capital, the largest city in Ohio is also home to some amazing parks including the Scioto Audubon Metro Park.

Situated just off the Scioto River, the Scioto Audubon Metro Park is one of the more popular green space destinations in Columbus. The park has a diverse list of activities ideal for a group of friends or the whole family including:

Bird watching: View a variety of species in the parks specially-made habitat

Biking: Bicycle enthusiast will enjoy the scenic bike trails that wind through the park

Water activities: Experience the thrill of Canoeing or Kayaking in the Scioto River

Obstacle course: This unique attraction is a favorite with residents and visitors alike and features a tire run, monkey bars, a cargo climb, and more

Picnicking: Choose from three different picnic shelters that feature grills and sand activity courts. Host a family barbecue or take part in a rousing game of volleyball

Your Personal Green Space

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