Huber Heights, Ohio ZIP codes:
45371, 45424

Huber Heights, Ohio Green Spaces

Huber Heights, OH is a suburb of Dayton, OH and is home to Carriage Hill Park, a preserved historic farmland green space.

Kid and families will delight in the collection of charming livestock including horses, sheep, and cows. Stroll among a selection of crops commonly grown in the area during the 1800’s like wheat, barley, rye, and oats.

Carriage Hill is chock full of other activities including:

Scenic hiking: With a variety of paths for hikers of all levels, you can take a casual stroll through the woods or challenge yourself on a rolling terrain.

Bike Paths: If you are bike enthusiast strap on your helmet and ride well-kept trails in the built for cycling.

Go Fish: Bring along your fishing pole and try your luck at catching a bass in Cedar Lake, or just soak up a beautiful day in the sun.

A New or Improved Green Space

Every homeowner yearns for a backyard that’s an inviting and comfortable space where you can revel in the great outdoors.

Are you in the process of building a new home and want to create an inviting private green space? Or perhaps your lawn has lost its former glory, and you would love to bring it back to life.

New Builds And Yard Renovations

Greentech Lawn And Irrigation has been providing professional sod and seeding services for our neighbors in Huber Heights, OH for over 33 years.

For new builds, our experts will lay superior sod for a lush lawn that will grow rapidly and last for years. We’re also well equipped to employ a variety of seeding services like overseeding and slice seeding.

If you would like to rejuvenate a tired turf, let the experts at Greentech Lawn And Irrigation evaluate the treatments you’ll need to refresh or start over. For example, by employing a process called slice seeding, we can ensure your seeds properly plunge deep into the soil. Our pros can also plant fresh sod all over your yard or in spots that need the most attention.

Your Own Adventurous Space

Do you consider your backyard the site of family fun and adventures?  If you don’t feel your lawn and landscaping measure up to what your have in mind for the perfect yard, perhaps you need an expert to step in and lend a hand.

At Greentech Lawn And Irrigation, we’ll help you create your desired green space.  We offer a broad range of professional services for our residential customers in Beavercreek, OH. We’ll cultivate and maintain your luxurious lawn that will be a backdrop to new outdoor adventures.

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