Piqua, Ohio ZIP code:

Piqua, Ohio Green Spaces

The residents of Piqua, OH are pleased to have a variety of parks and green spaces to choose from across the city including Fountain Park. This lovely spot is a backdrop to a wide array of outdoor activities including:

Picnics and play: Pack up some food and enjoy a picturesque lunch at several well-maintained picnic areas. The kids will delight in the variety of equipment to climb, jump, and swing on in the playground area.

Outdoor sports: Round up your friends for a rousing game of baseball, basketball or volleyball or tennis match.

Family Barbeques: Grab your grillmaster hat and invite the gang out for an afternoon barbecue in a delightful spot.

Fun In The Sun In Your Own Backyard

It’s great to have a variety of local parks to choose from, but sometimes you just want to stay home and hang out in your yard or host a neighborhood barbecue in style.

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