Springboro, Ohio ZIP codes:
45066, 45342

Springboro, Ohio Green Spaces

Situated between Cincinnati and Dayton, Springboro, OH is home to several well-maintained parks and green spaces.

Hazel Woods Park

The newest park in Springboro, OH, space features a well-maintained playground, an excellent dog park, and several paved walking paths for a scenic stroll. You can also pack up a basket and enjoy an outdoor lunch at one of the park’s several picnic shelters.

North Park

The scenic Tamarack trail is an ideal spot for a casual stroll or a brisk jog. This park also features tennis and basketball courts for a spirit activity with your friends. In the summer months, you can take in a concert under the stars at the North Park Amphitheater.

Your Green Space At Home

Do you love to entertain and relax in your backyard, but are getting chased away by bugs? Nothing ruins a game of catch with the kids or a family barbecue then a swarm of pesky mosquitoes.

Greentech Lawn And Irrigation To The Rescue

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Nobody likes mosquitoes. They could carry and spread a broad range of infectious diseases, plus mosquito bites are unsightly, itchy, and just plain annoying.

Ensure your family and property are safe from invading mosquitoes with a customized mosquito control plan from Greentech Lawn And Irrigation.

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