Westerville, Ohio ZIP codes:
43081, 43082, 43086

Westerville, Ohio Green Spaces

Westerville, OH is a northeast suburb of Columbus, OH. The city virtually surrounds Boyer Nature Preserve, a favorite city green space.

A Green Space Near Water

Boyer Nature Preserve is a mini-wetland featuring a stream-fed pond. The area is a popular hiking destination for residents and visitors. Several species of birds perch among the foliage, making bird watching an enjoyable and education activity.

Green Space On Land

Westerville, OH is also home to Alum Creek Park North, a sprawling park that features areas designated for a variety of outdoor activities including:

Outdoor sports: Round up your friends for a pick-up game of baseball, basketball, or volleyball.

Picnic area and playground: Pack up some food and enjoy a picturesque lunch at several well-maintained picnic areas. The kids will have a ball at the unique playground area built for a variety of abilities. playground area built for a variety of abilities.

A Green Space At Home

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