The Greentech Story (Part 1)

The roots of Greentech began in the spring of 1982 as a franchise of Perf-a-Lawn by Brian Shuler and his dad Don Shuler.

The company had the rights to Miami and Shelby County and offered lawncare, lawn aeration and overseeding. The first office was located in the old jail building on the corner of Main and Plum Street in Troy, Ohio. The warehouse was in the back of the old doughnut shop. Not a good place to store bags of potash and fertilizer as the bags looked just like the flour and sugar bags for the doughnuts.
In 1984 the company brought on Larry Smith as a Partner to help run operations and grow the company. Larry was the production control supervisor at Hobart Corporation (Plant 27) and had a wife and three young boys. During the next few years the company added additional services including mowing, property maintenance and irrigation. The company outgrew the downtown office and moved the office to their homes, and the warehouse to North Market Street in Troy.
In 1988 the company dropped the name and franchise along with many other franchised companies across the nation. This was due to mismanagement and legal issues that the corporate office was going through. A new name and logo, Greentech, was developed around the concept of “Green Grass Growth” supported by “Technical Roots” to support the future growth.

Greentech experienced substantial growth through the early 90’s and added the “Full Service” marketing concept to allow customers to make one call to meet all of their landscape needs.
Growth does not always mean success!
Part 2 will tell the story of how you can almost “Grow” out of business

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