Greentech will calibrate your sprinkler system to cover your lawn's zones precisely.

Custom Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems for Your Lawn Plus Maintenance & Repair


The Miami Valley sprinkler systems experts at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation believe you deserve a custom irrigation system!

Everyone loves a lush and lovely lawn, but who likes to water the grass?  It’s a hassle moving sprinklers around, wrestling with the hose, and watering spots just right, without getting your driveway or side of the house all wet.

Additional Sprinkler System Bonuses:


  • An irrigation system adds value to your property
  • Greentech Lawn and Irrigation will create timed watering periods for maximum results
  • Technology rules –  use your smartphone to control watering from wherever you are

Connect with the Experts at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation


We’ll start with your free onsite consultation and take precise measurements of your yard. We’ll determine not only the size of your lawn but also its topography.  For example, does your lawn have slopes or hilly areas? How much sun versus shade? And what is the condition of your soil?


These factors will help determine how many zones and sprinklers you’ll require.


Greentech Lawn and Irrigation Uses Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems


We are proud to be a Rain Bird Select Contractor. We trust and recommend all Rain Bird products for our customers. Rain Bird’s longevity in the sprinkler and irrigation business and continued product quality is a testament to the company’s value.


Rain Sensors for the Perfect Watering of Your Lawn


Don’t you hate it when you see a sprinkler running when it’s raining?  With our sprinkler system rain sensors, your system will stop or not run as scheduled when clouds start to open up.

The Greentech Lawn and Irrigation Installation Process


Vibrating Plow Versus Trenching


Some companies use trenching to install an inground sprinkler system. This process makes a mess of your lawn and requires repair work afterward.


The experts at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation prefer the less invasive vibrating plow method.

How the Vibrating Plow Process Works


We tie a pipe to a vibrating plow equipped with a cutting blade. The machine creates a small, thin split in the soil and gently slides the pipe into the ground with the least amount of disruption to your yard.


This process is the most efficient way to install an inground sprinkler system with a limited amount of mud and mess. You’ll hardly know we were there!

How Long Does Sprinkler Installation Take?


Have you been putting off installing a sprinkler system because you think the process will take too long? Depending on the size and makeup of your yard, the sprinkler specialists at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation will install your Rain Bird system in just 2-3 days.   

How Long Will a Rain Bird Sprinkler System Last?


With preventative maintenance and proper servicing by the professionals at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation, your Rain Bird sprinkler system will last 25 years or more.

The Rain Bird Sprinkler System Warranty


  • Five year warranty on parts and labor
  • One year warranty on backflow and pumps

Greentech Lawn and Irrigation Sprinkler Maintenance & Repairs


The highly trained technicians at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation will assess and fix any issues that might arise with your Rain Bird sprinkler system. We’ll pinpoint the problem quickly and make the repair efficiently.

Greentech Lawn and Irrigation Standard Sprinkler & Irrigation Maintenance Program

Spring Start Up Maintenance

  • We’ll turn on your water and verify it’s running properly through the pipes
  • Inspect each zone thoroughly to make sure each sprinkler head pops up, is adjusted correctly, and is watering the areas it’s supposed to.
  • Assure your controls are set for optimal watering times.
  • Assess if any minor repairs should be done and consult with you before we take action.

Summer Maintenance

During peak watering season, the experts at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation will:

  • Make sure water is properly flowing through pipes
  • Inspect each sprinkler head’s effectiveness
  • Assess any damage
  • If needed, adjust the watering timer if additional watering is necessary for the dry summer months.

Winter Maintenance

  • Proper winterization is key! We winterize your lawn sprinklers by removing the water from your pipes so your system won’t freeze over the winter.
  • Additional maintenance and repairs

Additional Expert Sprinkler System Repairs


Beyond our standard maintenance program, you can count on the experts at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation for any other repairs like:


  • Damaged Sprinkler Heads: It happens.  A sprinkler head gets dinged by a lawn mower, and now it won’t pop up properly leaving that zone dry and in danger of heat damage.


  • Growing Roots: Sometimes grass roots will start to grow in the pipes hindering the proper passage of water.


  • Corrosion: Over time, pipes could become corroded which causes leaks.


The experts at Greentech Lawn and Irrigation are highly trained to fix and repair issues of ANY sprinkler system regardless of the brand.


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