Spring has Sprung: Time for Lawn Aeration & Overseeding!

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn. Not only does it make the exterior of your house look amazing, but a healthy lawn is also great for entertaining, playing outside, and even relaxing. Unfortunately, most people struggle because they’re not sure what to do for their spring lawn care routine.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful lawn, now is the time to spring into action. Too many people wait until the middle of summer to think about lawn care. By then their lawn has developed brown spots, turning their lawn maintenance into a resuscitation mission. Don’t fall into that trap. Greentech Lawn and Irrigation proudly offers both aeration and overseeding for the spring, helping unlock the full potential of your lawn for the entire season.

Thatch and Soil Compaction

Over time your lawn develops a thick layer of thatch. Without getting too technical, thatch is plant material, like dead grass shoots, stems, and even roots. It’s necessary, but if thatch becomes too thick, it blocks water and nutrients from reaching the grassroots.

Another problem is soil compaction. It literally is when the ground under your lawn becomes super hard. Look for the warning signs attached to this condition:

  • Water puddles on the lawn after it rains or you water
  • The lawn thinning out in general
  • Uneven lawn surface
  • A lawn that’s uncomfortable to sit or lay on because the ground is extremely hard

Soil compaction occurs naturally over time, but heavy foot traffic or any vehicles driving on your lawn will speed up the process.


When we do soil aeration for your lawn, our technicians run a specialized lawn aerator over the grass. It pulls out round plugs of the soil, grassroots, and thatch, leaving small holes everywhere in the lawn. The plugs stay on top of the grass and usually break down after a couple of weeks.

Those holes in the ground alleviate soil compaction and break up thatch. Water and fertilizer will reach the roots easily, helping with lawn health significantly. Lawn aeration is absolutely essential for spring lawn care.


Many people ask when to overseed a lawn and the answer is spring! For spring lawn care aeration and overseeding are essential to your lawn. No matter what you do, a lawn will naturally thin out over time. You don’t have to tolerate the bare spots, which give weeds an excellent place to grow.

Don’t know how to overseed a lawn? Call the professionals! We spread grass seed over the top of your existing lawn. Because the soil is opened up by aeration, the seeds have a better chance of taking root, filling those blank spots. With a fuller lawn, the soil stays moist longer, so you can water less frequently to promote deeper and stronger roots.