What is Hydroseeding? All Of Your Questions Answered!

If you have a blank spot in your yard you want to fill, or you are starting from scratch on landscaping, you probably know there are a few options for putting grass in. Sod is expensive and can leave visible seams in your lawn for some time. Grass seed might not even take, or it might grow in only portions of your yard, leaving large bare patches. A third alternative, hydroseeding, involves a different approach you should explore.

Hydroseeding Explained 

As the name implies, hydroseeding involves spraying the seeds mixed with water onto a specific area. That slurry you see shooting out of a nozzle has more in it than just that. It might contain:

  • Mulch
  • Fertilizer
  • Tackifiers
  • Lime
  • Moisture retention polymers
  • Biostimulants

The truck containing the slurry keeps it stirred up, ensuring an even mixture of the materials.


Hydroseed is used for several practical applications:

  • Beautifying yards
  • Preventing erosion
  • Eliminating dust pollution
  • Blocking the growth of weeds
  • Creating athletic fields

Just about any grass seed or even ground covers, like wildflowers, can be applied through hydroseeding.


When compared to regular seeding and sod, hydroseeding offers some big benefits.

  • The process is simple, so labor costs are lower than laying sod.
  • Hydroseeding takes little time, also keeping the cost of applying it down.
  • The included mulch helps retain water in the ground, accelerating germination.
  • Germination rates for hydroseeding are quick, so grass starts growing in short order, giving you almost immediate results.
  • Our hydroseed mix produces high-quality grass, outshining the sod your neighbors have installed, making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

The Process

We don’t just show up to your property and start spraying everything down. Our technicians prep the soil so it’s even and ready to give the seeds an excellent chance of taking root and growing properly.

After setting a specific time to apply the hydroseed, a technician will show up with the truck. Using a hose with a nozzle on the end, the technician will spray down wherever you want grass to grow. We leave barriers and signs letting people know the shouldn’t walk on your lawn because it’s just been seeded. You’ll need to stay off the grass until it hits maturity, and will be able to mow it before too long.

Why During the Spring?

Hydroseeding in the spring is a wise move. The weather is cool and wet enough that maintaining the right moisture levels for the seeds is more realistic than in the dead heat of summer.

With the summer and fall coming afterward, the grass seed has months upon months to establish strong roots. That means it enters the winter prepared for the rigors of freezing temperatures and crushing weight of snow.