Get the Most From Seeding Your Lawn

warm soil + cooler temps + less weed competition = better results

Fall is a great time for planting grass seed and we are now entering prime time!  We recommend seeding between mid-August through September for the best results.

Here are a few reasons we recommend fall seeding:

  1. Warm soil conditions
  2. Cooler temperatures
  3. Less weed competition than spring/summer seeding
  4. Natural rainfall
  5. Turf has a chance to establish before winter

Seeding Services

There are several ways to seed depending the condition of your lawn.

Aeration and Overseeding:  If your lawn is already established but has thin areas, aeration with overseeding is the best choice.  Aeration pulls plugs of soil out of the lawn which reduces soil compaction, improves water & fertilizer uptake, creates stronger grass roots & breaks down thatch.  Removing lawn plugs also allows the seed to have contact with the soil which helps improve the germination rate.

Hydroseeding:  If you are starting with bare dirt that has been graded, hydroseeding is a good option.  Grass seed, hyrdro mulch and water are sprayed onto the dirt and creates an even coat of seed.  The mulch replaces the straw method of preventing the seed from blowing away.

Aera-vate and Seed:  This is also a good option for bare dirt yards.  If grading has been done but the dirt has settled creating a hard surface for seed to germinate, aera-vating is the way to go.  An aera-vator has solid tines that vibrate causing the soil to loosen and break up.  This creates a better surface for seed to fall into the soil and germinate.