A Guide To Protecting Your Trees and Shrubs This Winter

You have invested your hard earned time and money into some beautiful trees and shrubs. Your landscape is everything you’ve wanted it to be (and more!) But now winter is fast approaching and with winter comes harsh winds, heavy snow, frozen grounds, and all things harmful to your trees and shrubs.

Here is some good news: Winter does not have to result in the demise of your trees and shrubs. Instead, there are measures you can take to preserve and protect them so they’re even more beautiful in the spring. Here are 3 of those measures:

Add Mulch To Conserve Moisture And Protect Roots

As the temperature drops, trees and shrubs will begin to store water, and other essential nutrients in their roots. Preserving these nutrients is essential for surviving the harsh winter weather.

  • One of the most effective ways of preservation is by adding a 4-8 inch layer of mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs. Adding mulch serves multiple purposes, such as:
  • Conservation of soil moisture, and other nutrients
  • Protection of precious root systems (they can be damaged when exposed)
  • Protection from fluctuating soil temperatures

Lastly, remember to continue to water your trees and shrubs until the ground freezes, and add mulch to aid in survival this winter.

Utilize A Tree Wrap For Protection From The Wind, Sun, and Critters

Wrapping up your trees and shrubs has nothing to do with keeping them warm. Instead, by doing this you are protecting them against multiple sources of damage that can come with the cold weather, such as:

  • Desiccation (AKA winter burn) – Where cold, dry winds prevent trees and shrubs from transferring moisture and nutrients
  • Sunscald – Fluctuating weather temperatures mixed with excessive amounts of sunlight can cause “sunburn” on a tree or shrub. This results in dry, brown spots.
  • Critters – Deer, rabbits, and mice will try to seek shelter under your trees and shrubs. Once there they can cause damage aboveground, and below.

Remember, it is important to leave the top of the tree or shrub uncovered, so that sunlight and proper nutrients can be received.

Prune Now For Growth Later

When pruning, you want to remove any dead, diseased, or over-growing/over-bearing branches. By pruning unwanted and unnecessary branches, not only are you making winter less strenuous for your trees and shrubs, but you are also preparing them for a better, healthier growth come spring.

At GreenTech, our professionals know tree and shrub care. We have year long protection plans to promote growth, and ensure good health for your trees and shrubs.

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