Lawn Watering Tips

Save time and money by watering the correct way

Everyone knows that water is essential to a lush healthy lawn, but it can also be it’s worst enemy. Too little or too much can damage your lawn. Running a sprinkler all night wastes a precious resource and frequent light waterings speaks trouble for lawns in hot weather.

Follow these lawn watering tips for a healthy lawn


 Watering Basics

The best way to get into the root zone is deep, infrequent waterings. Most lawns need approximately one inch of water each week. So half an inch twice a week or and inch once a week is a good rule of thumb.


  Best Time to Water

The early morning is the most ideal time to water your lawn. Watering at night can lead to mildew and fungus, and most of your water will be lost to wind and evaporation if you water in the afternoon. Watering in the morning avoids allows for the greatest amount of water to reach your lawn.


 Make sure to water evenly

Sprinklers aren’t always calibrated to spread water equally. Place a few containers or gauges around your lawn and run your sprinkler for around 20 minutes. If the water collects evenly in the containers/gauges, you can be confident that your sprinkler is watering evenly


 Use a rain gauge

Take the guess work out of measuring the amount you have watered by using a water/rain gauge. A rain gauge is an easy and efficient way to quickly figure out how much water has gone on your lawn; either from your sprinkler system or the rain.

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