Guide to maintaining a healthy lawn

Many homeowners struggle with the strategy to keep their lawn healthy.  Proper lawn care techniques done at the right time, make your lawn healthier and greener than it has ever been. Use these tips to help you maintain your lawn.

Aerating and Thatch Control

  • Aerating should be down in the spring and fall before top dressing or fertilizing.
  • Alleviates compacted soil to allow water to easily penetrate deeper, allowing for deeper roots.
  • Aerating physically breaks up thatch allowing it to decompose more easily.
  • Too much thatch can prevent water and nutrients from reaching roots and can harbor insects and diseases.

Improving Soil Quality

  • Grass grows the best in a fertile, moist soil.
  • More soil allows for deeper roots; which creates a deep dense root system.
  • A deep dense root system is very important to support a lush, healthy lawn.
  • Top dressing lawn with good quality top soil can improve conditions.


  • The secret to a thick lawn is to make sure your grass is young.
  • Early fall is the optimum time, but can be done in fall if there is winter damage.
  • Promotes healthy growth of young grass, which produces healthy blades faster.
  • Overseeding is the easiest way to keep grass young.


  • Important to grass health
  • Provides nutrients to outgrow weeds
  • Late fall fertilization to increase fall and spring root growth.
  • Follow up with late May/Early June fertilization


Let Us Help

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