Last Chance to Winterize Your Sprinklers Before Winter!

As winter makes its presence known, we would be remiss not to tell you how important it is to winterize your sprinklers.

Freezing Water Will Damage Your Pipes

Any water that is still trapped in your sprinkler system (and if you haven’t had it winterized, there is definitely water in there) can cause serious damage. As the water freezes, it expands. And with nowhere to go, that expanding ice will cause cracks in the pipes, or even cause them to burst!

Needless Repairs

Because these pipes are underground, they can be difficult and costly to repair. The costs will certainly have you kicking yourself over the simple preventative measures that you could have taken.

More Than Just Pipes

In addition to cracking pipes, freezing water can also break sprinkler heads and the sprinklers themselves. Unfortunately, there is no repair for when this happens. It requires a completely new replacement unit for your irrigation system.

The manifold, which consists of the main pipe and several valves, is the core of your sprinkler system. If water freezes inside the manifold, it can damage several attached valves. Replacing the manifold is the most difficult part of repairing a sprinkler system, and it should be avoided at all costs.


It’s Not Too Late to Winterize your Sprinklers!

Because we’re still early into winter, the frost line hasn’t had a chance to penetrate deeply into the ground yet. That means there is hope for your sprinkler system!

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