Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin That Outdoor Party in Spring!

Spring is on the way!

It’s time for you to break out the patio furniture, fire up the grill, get outside and get livin’.

With spring comes parties. Just to list a few: we have graduation parties, cocktail parties, cookouts, outdoor birthday parties, and the list goes on. On the other hand, we have the holidays – Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s and Father’s Day just to name a few.

Now picture this:

You’re hosting a party. The sun is shining. A soft breeze blows over you, raising the hairs on your arms. The burgers and dogs are on the grill, and you’re sitting in a circle with your friends, having a beer and chatting.

Sarah’s telling you how much she likes your new patio furniture when she stops to shoo something off.

Mike’s looking over at the grill when he winces and uses his open hand to smack the back of his neck.

You hear a quick buzzing in your ear.

And then you feel it. The sharp feeling of not-quite-pain on the back of your calf. By now you realize it’s too late.

Soon everyone is flailing their arms around. No one’s drink is safe from spillage. And you’ve been so distracted by the bites that you just realize the burgers are burning!

Mosquitoes, well, they suck. Your blood. It’s annoying and itchy and quite frankly they don’t do much good for the world. In fact, they’re the deadliest animal on earth, killing more people every year than any other animal. They certainly don’t do any good for your afternoon get-together either.

What’s worse? They’re synonymous with warm weather. If the temperature’s warm, you have to use that horrible spray that always somehow gets in your mouth and you have to light the citronella candles that will reduce the mosquitoes near you by maybe 10% and you basically just have to grin and bear it. Right?


Not this year.

This year you’re going to have a plan. This year you’re going to use your foresight. This year, your parties will be mosquito-free, from spring through fall.

This year, you’re going to call us.

We go the whole nine yards to ensure that your property is mosquito-free. Any standing water near you? We’ve got it. Shrubs and ornamental greenery that attract mosquitoes? Taken care of (while of course avoiding your plants that are sensitive to application). Plus, our application is safe for people and pets.

Each application lasts four weeks. That’s a month without mosquitoes. That’s April without mosquitoes, May without mosquitoes, and that’s June without mosquitoes.

And we come back before the application’s worn off, providing you with full coverage. That’s spring without mosquitoes. Summer without mosquitoes. Fall.

That’s your entire backyard. Without mosquitoes.

Invest in a mosquito-free life.

Call us.

Give us a call at (937) 339-4758 or Click Here to get started now!

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