Have You Heard About Smart Controllers? You Need To!


Frustrated with coming home after a rainy day, only to see your sprinkler system is STILL pumping out water?  You may want to think about smart controllers.

Smart controllers are the coolest thing to happen to landscaping since the sprinkler system. We’re excited to tell you about them!

What’s a Smart Controller?

A smart controller is similar to the controller you may already have installed for your irrigation system. Like a conventional controller, it allows you to adjust the watering schedule to your liking.

The difference between a smart controller and a regular one is that it allows for optimal water usage. Using weather sensors, it adjusts the run time of your sprinkler system based on information about weather and location.

For example, if it starts to rain, the sprinkler system stops. It then calculates the usable rainwater and adjusts the sprinkler system to use only what’s needed.

That’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Using information based on your zip code, watering schedule, your lawn’s plant and soil type, landscape slope, and sun exposure, it sets up a custom watering schedule. That way it uses the optimal amount of water to give you a healthy and beautiful landscape. It still only waters in the times allotted, but now it knows exactly how much to water.

Smart Controllers can also receive information about soil moisture. This allows it to adjust watering patterns accordingly, as well as use Flow Management Technology,  taking advantage of sensors placed in the irrigation system. Constant monitoring of the water flow allows it to detect and adjust for many situations. If someone has been digging and knocks a hole in the pipe, causing a leak, a smart controller can shut down water flow to that area of the irrigation system. Not only that, it will still allow the rest of the system to water your lawn as usual.

Whereas sprinkler control systems of the past used to adjust the sprinkler cycle just four times a year, smart controllers make constant adjustments every single day! No more guesswork about what the weather’s going to do tomorrow – the sensor handles it for you!

This prevents both underwatering and overwatering, giving your landscape the precise amount of water it needs to be at its healthiest and most beautiful, reducing landscape watering as much as 30-70%!

Is There a Difference Between Brands?

Yes. Only Rain Bird water sensors give you all the benefits mentioned above. Rain Bird was the first full-line irrigation manufacturer with a controller to earn the EPA’s WaterSense label, which signifies that it’s at least 20% more efficient than non-labeled products.

That’s why Greentech Lawn and Irrigation ONLY uses Rain Bird brand equipment. We don’t want to settle for anything less, and we don’t think you should, either.

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