What Flowering Trees Thrive in Central and Western Ohio?

What Flowering Trees Thrive in Central and Western Ohio?

If you live in Central or Western Ohio, having a beautiful flowering tree is a great way to make your yard stand out. The problem is you can go to a big box home improvement store or even some nurseries, buy a flowering tree that’s supposedly great for the location, and experience nothing but frustration.
With the unique climate of this region, you need the expertise of Greentech Lawn and Irrigation. We can point you toward ornamental trees that will thrive in your yard and produce amazing flowers.


Reigning the title as the largest group of trees you’ll find in Ohio wilderness areas, Hawthorn is most definitely well-suited to live a healthy life on your property. Famous for the clusters of white blossoms that have a very uniform look, blooming throughout the spring season. You need to beware the thorns on these white flowering trees, but that quality can make these excellent for perimeters where you want to guard against intruders.


Native throughout all of Ohio, Sassafras is quite well-suited to the climate. This tree grows quickly and will generate root sprouts. In the early spring, the yellow-green flowers open, providing a bright look for any outdoor space. While this tree prefers acidic soil, you can plant it in the ground with a neutral pH.

Black Cherry

Highly sought after for making furniture, trim pieces, and more. Black Cherry is an amazing looking white flowering tree. Bees frequent these trees in the spring. The flowers turn into black, bitter fruit wildlife likes to eat. Ideally, these trees should be planted in well-drained and fertile soil, with either full or partial sun.

Flowering Dogwood

Just as the name suggests, this native tree can have large white, pink, or red flowers that stand out. This pink flowering tree is a beautiful addition to any lawn. Many people put this tree on their property because it looks great throughout the year. For example, in the fall the leaves turn a crimson color, combining with the red fruit to give the tree a fiery appeal. Also, Flowering Dogwood is known for being extremely tough so that you can plant it in a variety of situations with a good outcome.


Another native tree to Ohio, the Boxelder either features male or female flowers that are a lime-green to yellow-green and have a wispy appearance. These are a common sight in many urban areas throughout the state, proving they can endure all kinds of conditions and remain relatively healthy. This tree grows quickly, so it’s great for establishing shade in your yard in a short period.