Types of Ants in Ohio, What You Should Know

For those that call Ohio home, it’s safe to say we’re no strangers to insects, especially ants. All types of ants seem to pop up everywhere they’re not supposed to be and end up in our homes more times than we wish. Although most ants are harmless to humans, they can be pretty annoying and can ruin any picnic or party. Before trying to get 

rid of these pesky bugs looking for a free stay, it’s important to understand why they invade our houses and know the differences between species to know what to treat for.

If you see ants in your house, it’s more than likely that there’s a nest somewhere around your home. Ants are always hungry and continuously stay on the move in search of new food sources. The tiny critters have been around since the dinosaurs and have learned how to survive the hard way. If you have mulch around your house or piles of wood, there’s a high probability that ants are living on your property. When they come inside your home, they’re usually searching for food and won’t leave until all of their possible food sources are eliminated from their reach. Each ant can communicate with one another using pheromones where they can alert danger or let their colony know that they’ve found something to snack on. They also seek the protection of being indoors when there are heat waves or even storms to hide from the elements.

When trying to conclude if you have an ant infestation or not, there are a few things you can do to understand if your problem is severe enough to seek professional assistance. Ants like to nest up in moist areas like a kitchen or bathroom. Here they’re provided with a water source and a place to lay eggs. They also enjoy hiding behind mechanical appliances where they seek the heat from their motors. It’s important to be able to find where they’re nesting to attack them at the source. To do this, you can leave out a spoonful of honey or peanut butter and wait a few hours for them to reach it. After this, you should be able to see their trail which usually leads to their nest or wherever they’re entering your house. This is the area that should be treated and then sealed off to prevent re-access.

Before getting rid of ants, it may be beneficial to identify the types of ants you have first.


Here are 5 Types of Ants Found in Ohio:


Carpenter Ants

Large in comparison to other species in the area. Nest throughout wood but don’t eat it. Can find them in hollowed out trees and timber.


Acrobatic Ants

Given their name because they put their bodies in the air and stand on their heads when they feel threatened. They occasionally bite and release a foul smell if messed with.


Little Black Ants

These ants are prevalent throughout the US and are smaller in size at around 1.5-4 millimeters in length.


Pavement Ants

Like to nest under hard rocks and in cracks in streets. Are light brown and have even lighter appendages.


Pharaoh Ants

Do an excellent job at staying indoors during the winter in seek of heat to survive. Often found in restaurants and places that serve food. They are small and yellow.