DIY Landscaping Ideas For Yard Drainage

Do you have water collecting in your yard after it rains? Is your soil so heavy with clay that water permanently sits on top? Don’t panic. There are several creative ways to get rid of standing water or to disguise it as something else. Here’s a list of some DIY landscaping ideas

Draw up a Drainage Plan

Depending on how complicated a task lies before you, you might need to draw up a sketch of your yard to better determine which course of action to take. Figure out the high and low spots of your yard to figure out the best place to drain water. Make a note with arrows to show which direction water will flow. Make sure you aren’t draining water into your neighbor’s property!

Create a Creek Bed

A creek bed is an above-ground version of a drain pipe but with beautiful features such as rocks, boulders, and water plants. The purpose is to channel water from one location to another. Combine it with a rain garden or other water feature. Start by digging a gently sloping drainage ditch. Then landscape with rocks and boulders, plants, other ornaments.

Construct a Rain Garden

Draining even a moderate amount of water can be costly and time-consuming. A cheaper solution? Let the water work for you. If your yard is low-lying and naturally collects water why not build a rain garden. What is a rain garden? A rain garden is a way to transform that unsightly pool of water into a beautiful water feature with water-loving plants and even fish. You can even add to it by directing other water to it from your downspouts.

Add a Drainpipe

The most effective way to get rid of water is to drain it away with an underground pipe. The drain pipe should slope downhill ⅛ of an inch per foot. Dig a trench from the source to the catch basin at the other end.

Create A Bog Area

If you have a large amount of clay in your soil and drainage becomes a problem you can use it to your advantage and direct all water to one low location to create a bog area or pond. Add some water-loving plants like cat-tails, willows, lotuses, canas, or swamp lilies.

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